• What type of services do you offer?

    We are a private custom cake business designed to cater to the individual and their needs. We are your personal cake concierge and treat each of our clients as if they are family. We will guide you step by step in your custom cake selection process.  We provide you with free consultations with time allotted specifically for you to discuss your order in private. It is very important that you keep your appointments and arrive on time or your consult may get cut short. We are extremely busy and stick to a tight schedule.

  • What does a consultation cost and what is included?

    All consultations are free* if an order is placed. We offer different ways of consulting with us to fit your busy lifestyle.

    • Face to Face Consultations: Up to 3 people per family can come sit down in person to discuss, design and place an order for their event. We can not accommodate more people with the exception of up to 2 small children (we suggest finding a sitter for the consults to minimize distractions, but children are certainly welcome). We sit down with you and gather all your ideas together to sketch out a one of a kind design that will incorporate everything in an organized unique design. 

    • Phone Consultations: If you have general questions and are not sure if you are ready to order, you can set up a telephone consultation.

    • Skype Consultation: If you live far away or have a busy schedule and can’t make it to us, we offer consultations through Skype.


      • You can schedule any of these via our website in the Book Online Tab

  • Do you offer cake tastings?

    We do offer personalized cake tastings by special request (and for a fee).*

  • What do I need to bring to my consultation?

    Please be sure to bring any pictures, invitations, decorations, or any other inspirations with you to help in the design process. Also be sure to have at least half of what your total budget is to leave a deposit and lock in your date. 

  • Can I take a picture or have a copy of the sketch you design?

    No sketches or paperwork will be given to you until a deposit is made. Once a deposit is made  you will get a copy of all paperwork pertaining to your order.

  • Are you wheelchair accessible?

    We are not able to accommodate wheelchairs at our location at this time.

  • What type of custom cakes are offered?
    We offer the option of:

    • Naked Cakes - Naked cakes are barely coated with cream for a rustic feel

    • Fondant Cakes - Fondant cakes have a chocolate ganache undercoating with a thin layer of vanilla fondant to finish the look (endless design possibilities)

    •  Buttercream Covered Cakes - Buttercream cakes are completely coated in buttercream for those who do not like fondant (limited on design choices) 


  • How much does a cake cost?

    Every cake is unique and specific to the customer, therefore pricing fluctuates depending on the complexity of the design. All occasion cakes require at least a 2 week lead time. All sculpted designs and wedding cakes require at least 1 month lead time. There is a minimum order requirement of 30 servings for sculpted cakes and 50 servings for wedding cakes.  Please remember that custom cakes are completely catered to each client and therefore very unique. We pride ourselves on being budget friendly and offer competitive pricing but the cakes can get expensive depending on the level of detail and amount of servings needed. That being said please allow yourself time to plan so you can get the servings and design you want.

  • Do you offer flexible payment plans?

    We have various payment options available based on the date of your event and / or our discretion:

    • Pay in Full - Pay all at once if you want to get the cake out the way to focus on other aspects of your event planning.

    • 2 Payments - 50% due at contract signing / 50% due 1 week before event. (For orders placed 2 months or less before event)

    • 3 Payments - 50% due at contract signing / 25% due the following month / 25% due 1 week before event. (For orders placed placed 3-6 months in advance)

    • 4 Payments - 25% due at contract signing / 25% / 25% /25% thereafter. Dates due depend on length of time till event date. (For orders placed 7+ months in advance)

    • Special payment arrangements available at our discretion.

  • Do you take credit cards?

    Yes. We take cash or credit and debit cards as long as it matches the information on the contract and you have valid ID. There is a fee associated with card payments. We do not accept money orders, SNAP Benefits, or checks.


  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, we do deliver to the tri-state area for a fee. 

  • Are there any fees for delivery?

    Delivery & set-up charge is $50 & up. Gas, tolls, traffic and distance all factor into the delivery charge. This includes delivering the cake in a protective cake box or cover (if possible) and setting it up at the venue.

    Long Distance Deliveries available with additional fees for travel (Minimum cake order for Long Distance is $500)

Equipment Rental

  • Do you rent out cupcake/cake stands?

    Unfortunately we no longer rent out stands. Many clients have rented them and either damaged or lost them. Please speak to your event planner to coordinate our desserts with their displays.

*  There is a small fee that will be applied towards your order total. If you do not place an order then the fee is      for the time taken to meet with you. All tastings must be special ordered.


MDV Custom Cakes, llc


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